Photographing The Maya Hieroglyphic Writing

Photographing The Maya Hieroglyphic Writing

This room with samples of the Maya hieroglyphic writing from San Bartolo (I believe) was another treat available at Casa Herrera on the 2012: Myths and Facts about The Mayan Prophecy conference. Taking this photo was extremely difficult because of the poor lighting conditions and because lots of people were taking photos of the hieroglyphics (including me). I understand nothing of the Maya writing, except that is very beautiful and that without a doubt the Maya were ahead in terms of civilization, culture and art [plus warfare :-(].

Make sure you make to time to visit Casa Herrera to see what they have on display next time you visit La Antigua Guatemala. Here’s a little overview about Casa Herrera:

The Casa Herrera is a research, conference and teaching facility located in the heart of La Antigua Guatemala that focuses on the varied and inter-related disciplines that contribute to the study of Pre-Columbian art, archaeology, history and culture.

Since 1977, The Maya Meetings at Texas have been at the cutting edge of research into the culture of the ancient Maya of Mexico and Central America. This annual conference draws scholars from a wide spectrum. (source: Facebook Casa Herrera page)


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