The Nexus One has arrived to Antigua Guatemala

Nexus One Now in Antigua Guatemala

Modernity has arrived to the quincentennial Antigua Guatemala. AGAIN.

It was nearly 18 months ago that I reported the arrival of the third generation cellular networks, known as 3G for short, to Antigua Guatemala. Back then, I showed you a black and white photo with a colorful iPhone held by Nelo against the San Francisco El Grande Church. This time, I was lucky to be able to photograph my friend holding her newly arrived Nexus One mobile phone. Just as before, I decided to show a black and white photo with a colorful smartphone interface.

This is what I reported on August 21, 2008:

Starting tomorrow, Friday 22nd of August, La Antigua Guatemala will be joining the cities of the world with third generation (3G) cellular networks and what better way to use this high-speed telephone networks than with an iPhone 3G in your hand. That’s right folks, two of three mayor mobile telephone companies will be selling the ubiquitous iPhone.

However, for now, only Claro (Telgua) will be sporting the 3G cellular network. But MoviStar (Telefónica) is said to be right behind it. Tigo (Comcel) is rumored to be in their last testing phase.

Today, I am happy to report that all three mayor carriers provide 3.5G technology in all the department capitals. So, you can bring your Google Nexus One Android-powered mobile phone as long as it’s flashed and ready to take a sim card from one of the Guatemalan cellular carriers.

However, there are some things you have to keep in mind.

  1. The new Nexus One Android-powered phones available right now will only work with the Claro and Movistar 3.5 cellular networks.
  2. You can still use a Nexus One phone with Tigo, the carrier with the best signal and coverage, but the phone will only work with the 2G, edge, band.
  3. There will be new Nexus One phones that will work with the AT&T network; you can use one of those with the Tigo network here in Guatemala.
  4. Once you have inserted a sim card, chip, from one of the carriers, you have to call customer service or technical support to have the data connectivity enabled for your phone number.

If you have any questions, please, ask them in the comment area, I will be happy to respond or get the answers for you.

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