Flyers Launch Pad

Flyers Launch Pad

What a creative way to distribute volantes, flyers, don’t you think?

By the way, I believe it’s time to go out at night to listen to Buena Vista de Corazón. Hopefully I will come back with good night photos of the Cuban musicians. You know how much I love to photograph music events at night.

On a totally unrelated subject, I will not talk about the Philadelphia Flyers who are playing against the Montreal Canadiens, as Manolo suggested; I refuse! 😉

Instead, I will share with you that I just renewed the yearly subscription to my Flickr account; that’s where I stash all the photos so I can keep the hosting and bandwidth bills low. Also, on my recent trip to the U.S., I bought a new camera with a very powerful zoom so I can bring you more close-ups of people; you already have seen some of these close-up photos in the past two weeks. Finally, I also got another one-terabyte hard drive to keep up with thousands of new photos and a GPS photo tagger so it’s easier to place the images on a map. Like I always say, this is possible thanks to the premium sponsors and the donations from readers and Antigua lovers like you. Thank you all for your support, comments and feedback!

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