Proyecto Biodiesel Antigua Guatemala

Proyecto Biodiesel Antigua Guatemala

This is what I shared with you before about the Antigua’s Biodiesel Project:

Antigua Guatemala is full of Quixotes who do not know about impossibles. Alejandro del Valle is such a Quixote who after careful consideration decided to take on the gigantic enterprise to convert the burnt cooking oil from all those restaurants around La Antigua Guatemala and Guatemala City into renewal biodiesel energy to be used in the Antigua’s City Hall vehicles and the Obras Sociales del Hermano Pedro Hospital.

Come on, if after reading the above paragraph you don’t think you have to be a Quixote to take on such monumental project, just imagine for a second how many people you have to convince of the idea that converting burnt oil into biodiesel for the municipal vehicle fleet is feasible; never mind the ecological benefits. Come on, we are talking about business owners, Antigua’s Mayor and the City Council, investors and a long list of people throughout Guatemala and abroad. Alejandro del Valle and his supportive team did that.

The Antigua’s Biodiesel Project is something I believe in with all of my heart and I will come back to this project to highlight its merits and achievements as well as to show you the story behind the scenes…

Since that article was published, a few things have changed. Biopersa no longer provides biodiesel for La Antigua Guatemala’s municipal vehicles because someone in City Hall decided that biodiesel would damage the engines. However, as you saw yesterday, not only Biopersa, the company behind, the Biodiesel and other renewal energy projects, is still very much involved in ecological energy projects, recycling and the protection of the environment. Now they are selling their biodiesel the other companies, large and small.

Also, they are now converting chicken fat junk or trash into biodiesel. Thus, turning a ecological problem of contamination into renewal energy. Biopersa is becoming a distributor of solar powered water heaters to take advantage of the tremendous amount of sun shine we receive in Guatemala all year long. There’s plenty more, but I will only cover a few more things.

If you’re interested in learning the process of turning burnt oil and chicken fat into biodiesel, let me know I will update this entry with the basic steps that I learned the other day.

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