Solar Water Heaters, Clear Energy

Solar Water Heaters, Clear Energy

Water heaters is another important area in Guatemala where one can bring clear energy and help the environment and the economy. That is because most water heaters are electric in Guatemala; either electric shower heads (the most) or inline electric heaters. Either way, water heaters probably consumed the most electricity of all the electro-domestic appliances. The worst part is that Guatemala produces its electricity through fossil fuels like bunker, coal (carbon) and diesel. I say the worst part because Guatemala has tremendous amounts of natural resources to produce cleaner electricity.

So Alejandro del Valle has partnered Biopersa with Kioto to distribute solar water heaters like the one shown in the picture above. Solar water heaters work especially well in Guatemala because of the sun light we received year round, even in the rainy season.

Let’s hope more people and businesses begin replacing their electric heaters with solar water heaters. If you had the choice and enough sun light through out the year, would you install a solar water heater?

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