Palo de Izote Reflected

Palo de Izote Reflected

Palo de Izote is the Mesoamerican cousin of the Joshua or Yucca tree. I have a fascination with the Izote tree; I don’t know why, maybe its many branches that look like arms and hands.

Anyhow, I like it and it’s used often in the hedgerows around Antigua Guatemala. Its white flowers are edible and they are considered a delicacy. The izote tree flower is also the national flower for the neighboring country of El Salvador.

So far I have posted several photos of the palo de izote tree, but Palo de Izote Tree is my favorite. I might even include it in my Antigua Abstracta series. I also like today’s version of Palo de Izote.

How about you, which one you like better?

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