Thought Provoking Art at Casa Santo Domingo

Thought Provoking Art at Casa Santo Domingo

As you walk around Casa Santo Domingo, you find antique and contemporary artworks one after the other without disrupting harmony and a sense beauty. This is proof of high quality of the curatorship. There is classical music coming off from strategically located speakers to provide a peaceful and tranquil soundtrack while you stroll around the art pieces. The whole atmosphere is a thought provoking experience, especially some art like today’s highlighted sculpture.

Portfolio Updates:
Black and White photos profiled in Te Prometo Anarquía, July 2010Several of my photos have found their way onto Revue Magazine pages in recents months. Below there are some thumbnails that you can click to see a larger image. Furthermore, if you visit the Portfolio page you can look at all the different places where my photographs have found shelter.

July and August 2010

July was a busy month and a few more photographs appeared in Revue Magazine. Also, the online Guatemalan magazine published from Madrid, Te prometo anarquía, profiled some of my black and white photos. In August a dormant photo from Ciudad Vieja found its place on the cover of Revue Magazine.

Revolcado, July 2010, Revue Magazine Colonial kitchen, July 2010, Revue MagazineCiudad Vieja, August 2010, Revue Magazine Cover

March through June 2010
Cuaresma Vistas, March 2010 Revue Magazine Bougainvillea Sampler, April 2010, Revue Magazine The Nahuales, May 2010, Revue Magazine Guatemalan Kitchen Color, May 2010, Revue Magazine Rainy Season, June 2010, Revue Magazine

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