Paper Travel Guides

Paper Travel Guides

In my quest to bring you the most complete photographic library of the people, things and events that you may encounter while visiting or living in La Antigua Guatemala I have set myself to include more photos of tourist and traveler stamps since they represent an omnipresent vista in town.

For instance, almost everyday you can see tourists set against a wall or in a restaurant checking their paper travel guides to get an overview of things to do in La Antigua Guatemala.

Paper travel guides will always be outdated for sure, I know now since I often see how often things change in La Antigua Guatemala.

A web site like AntiguaDailyPhoto will be a better resource, I believe, for travelers in the near future since it’s updated often and because of its multimedia content. I know some of you already use AntiguaDailyPhoto as a travel guide since you mentioned it to me in your emails and comments.

If you have used AntiguaDailyPhoto as a travel guide for the things to do and see in Antigua Guatemala, would you please share it in the comments. Thanks!

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