Coffee Pickers from Antigua Guatemala

Coffee Pickers

Today I took a photo tour with other members of Club Fotográfico de Antigua inside Finca Filadelfia. The idea behind the tour was to capture new coffee images for a photo exhibit event as part of Festival en Finca Filadelfia con sabor a café on September 25.

The whole tour was an eye opener to say the least and I learned a lot about coffee as well as I had a great time with fellow photographers and club members. This image was captured as two coffee pickers were leaving after having performed the harvesting of coffee berries for our benefit.

Guatemala landslides aside: Elsewhere in Guatemala, landslides kill dozens as a result of the heavy rains. Once again, Guatemala suffers the effects of torrential rains. A massive landslide buried a crowd trying to dig out a bus from deep mud on Sunday, killing at least 22 people, with dozens more feared dead, as torrential rains battered Guatemala. Somehow, it seems that Guatemala has received much more rains than what it’s capable of absorbing and the entire country is falling apart. The news headlines about Guatemala will increase in the next few days as the emergency workers continue to dig out all the victims. “More than 30 separate landslides cut the Inter-American Highway, one of Guatemala’s main roads, within a single 30-mile (50-km) stretch…” Read Router’s Guatemala landslides kill dozens, toll seen rising to get an overview of the natural disasters. 🙁

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