Tanque de La Unión Revisited

Tanque de La Unión Revisited by <a href="http://photos.rudygiron.com/">Rudy Girón - Photos.RudyGiron.com</a>

While Arturo was playing with his camera mounted on a tripod to take his signature sunsets, I decided to look in the opposite direction and capture the fleeting light bathing the Tanque de La Unión. Even though it doesn’t seem like it was twilight, I can assure you it was, thus there wasn’t enough light to capture this photo unless one takes it in manual mode and let it expose for a longer time. The actual expose time was 0.3 of a second at f2.8 taken at 6:07 pm, which is quite difficult to do without a tripod and a remote shutter; any longer than 1/30 of a second (0.033) normally means blurry pictures. For not having a tripod or remote shutter I am quite happy with the result as well as the saturated colors. What do you think?

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