The Man Who Knew Too Much

The Man Who Knew Too Much by Rudy Girón

Qué será, será…

Alfred Hitchcock has to be one my favorite directors, along with Kubrick, and I often pay tribute to him with titles or double meaning sentences or phrases. As a matter of fact, often I pay tribute to all the artists who have influenced or touched me deeply with their art. I know some people get lost or even think I have lost a screw or two… well, they might be right. However, whenever possible I like to add layers of meaning to ordinary posts that only some people might understand or not. Also, I like how in Guatemala realty is often more interesting and unbelievable than fiction. I even mentioned before that if Franz Kafka had lived in Guatemala he would had been a simple clerk all his life. Living in Guatemala is like being a character in a good Hitchcock film…

An American family, Dr. Ben McKenna (James Stewart), his girlfriend Jo (Doris Day) and their son Hank (Christopher Olsen) are on vacation, traveling in Morocco. They befriend a fellow traveler, a mysterious Frenchman who identifies himself as Louis Bernard (Daniel Gelin), on a bus. Bernard is friendly enough, but Mrs. McKenna becomes suspicious at his evasive answers and thinks he is hiding something… (continue reading at Wikipedia)

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