Don Quijote Cruisers Sign

Don Quijote Cruisers Sign by Rudy Girón

It’s incredible how easily I fall for hand-made rustic signs in La Antigua Guatemala. A tour through the Sign category with over 120 samples so far can be a feast for those who are crazy, like me, for signs. Believe or not, am I not alone!

Puro Mula Film Aside: I am happy to report that Guatemalan film Puro Mula that I told you and shared a trailer with you about a year ago found the funding they needed to produce the film. Puro Mula will have its worldwide showing on November 24, 8:00 pm at Cine Lux in Guatemala City.

If you are in Guatemala, make sure you make the time to go see it. Here’s what I shared with you about Puro Mula last year:

Once again, we continue showing trailers of Guatemalan films and short films. This is the trailer for Puro mula, the first film by Best Picture System. Puro mula was recently film between August and September 2009 in Guatemala City. “I hope you like the trailer, and if you do, give us money to finish it” the caption reads. 🙂

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