Doble Vía Sign

Doble vía rótulo by Rudy Girón

I like the ceramic “doble vía” signs and metal frames in La Antigua Guatemala. To be honest, I like all the ceramic traffic sign, including the Alto/Stop sign.

If I was a film maker or producer, I would call my company Doble vía films. Of course, I would use the sign a logotype.

Las marimbas del infierno film aside: Marimbas from hell is another film from Julio Hernández Cordón, which was released recently and should be showing in the Guatemalan theaters. Las marimbas del infierno makes a total of three major Guatemalan film releases within a six weeks. That’s pretty good considering the Guatemalan film industry is still a baby.

Here’s the plot summary for Las Marimbas del infierno from the IMDb entry:

Don Alfonso is a deliveryman. He also plays marimbas, the traditional Guatemalan instrument. He is used to play a folkloric musical show in one of the fancy hotel of Guatemala City. He faces the population’s lack of interest for his instrument, considered like out of date and old fashioned. Black is pioneer of the Heavy Metal Guatemalan underground stage. He also is also a doctor in the public hospital but nobody wants to be treated by him because of his long hair and his tattoos. When Don Alfonso and Black meet each other and decide to combine their talents and create a brand new project called Marimbas from Hell, they could never have imagined all the reactions they would provoke among the population.

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