Free Internet 3G Modems in Guatemala

Free Internet 3G Modems by  Rudy Girón

In February of 2009 I declared that soon enough there was going to Internet Access in Every Corner of Guatemala. Back then I also mentioned that there were closed to 7 million cellular lines, quoting a newspaper article. Also, I said that “Now the race is on to bring 3G Wireless Internet Access to the rest of the country; Tigo has a head start, but Telgua and Telefónica are closing in and best of all the service is getting faster and cheaper.”

A few months back someone mentioned that in Guatemala there are over 17,000 million mobile telephones and I thought that can’t be right remembering the newspaper article I had quoted. Well, my friends provided me with a direct link to the official figures according to Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones (SIT). The SIT report shows 17,307,459 cellular phone numbers compared to 1,413,234 land line telephones. That are more telephone lines than people in Guatemala. On the graph below you can see the exponential growth of mobile phones. Soon you will see a similar pattern with Internet access as a result of free Internet 3G modems; although I suspect the numbers will not be as high unless smart phones become the new basic phone; who knows.

What are your thoughts regarding Internet accessibility in Guatemala?

Cellular Usage Growth Statistics for Guatemala

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