Panoramic View from El Tenedor del Cerro

Panoramic View from El Tenedor del Cerro Restaurant by Rudy Girón

The restaurant located on the best spot of Santo Domingo del Cerro goes by the name of Tenedor del Cerro. The views from this restaurant are simply breath-taking, especially during the dry season when you can see all three volcanoes hugging the Panchoy valley. Next to the restaurant there are a couple of terraces with magnificent views; plataformas they call them and there are many tables and lounge chair for you to sip a hot cup of coffee or cool down with Moza or Cabro as well as your favorite cocktail.

I recommend a visit to Santo Domingo del Cerro as well as Cerro de La Cruz and Finca Filadelfia to get the best panoramic vistas from the quincentennial colonial town of Santiago de Guatemala, also known as La Antigua Guatemala.

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