Ermita de La Santa Cruz with Dramatic Lighting

Ermita de La Santa Cruz with Dramatic Lighting by Rudy Girón

Without a doubt Ermita de La Santa Cruz is one of the more dramatic and enchanting venues in La Antigua Guatemala. Especially after it gets dressed up with spot lights and projecting imagery on the façade.

Below you will find two more behind the scene images prior to the concert of Bach en La Habana by Tiempo Libre and Orquesta Sinfónica Juvenil Municipal. You will also find a video clip about Tiempo Libre’s Bach in Havana new album.

If you were in La Antigua Guatemala this weekend you might get a chance to dance to danceable marimba music at Parque Central as part of the Valentine’s Day celebration. There will be marimba ensembles from different regions of Guatemala. The marimbas will begin playing at 3 p.m. at Antigua Guatemala’s main plaza.

Testing Sound and Light Systems by Rudy Girón People at Ermita de La Santa Cruz by Rudy Girón

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