Rain in the Dry Season

Rainy Season Typical Vista by Rudy Girón

Okay, I want answers, I want the truth!

What are you people up north doing to sabotage our gorgeous, Spring-like, best-time-of-the-year Dry season? Come on, it has to be you. We never have rain in February, even if it’s a loco month. Come on you people, surely we understand how horrible and tough your winters can be; we feel for you, we do. But, please, don’t take your frustration on us, your kind neighbors to the south with perfect temperate weather. If you need a break from your harsh winter, come on down to perfect-weather Antigua Guatemala. You will be welcome and we’ll enjoy your company in the XI Festival Internacional De Cultura Paiz and in the International Jazz Festival. Honest, we will be the warmest hosts you have ever known. So, please, stop messing around with our weather. 😉

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