World Water Day Campaign in Antigua Guatemala

World Water Day Campaign in Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Girón

Honest, I am very proud of our progressive little town, better known as La Antigua Guatemala. Take for instance the Día Internacional del Agua or World Water Day campaign that basically ask something direct and concise: Ducharse en vez de bañarse (Shower instead of bathing) to save water.

You can also follow the different campaigns elsewhere in the world by scanning the hash tag #worldwaterday in Twitter.

Here’s the water series I published before to clarify the water situation in Guatemala. As always, follow the white rabbit to the water series to see the photos and read the researched information.

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  6. The Venerable Colonial Pila is Now Used as Decoration
  7. Guatemalan Water Wells Wet Wealth

What kind water awareness campaigns did you see in your town today?

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