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Maestros del web case for iPhones/iPods/Androids by Rudy Girón

I am a lucky guy!

As I shared with you before, I am so lucky to have among my friends and acquaintances, movers and shakers of the Guatemalan society. Last year I introduced to Christian Van Der Henst, @cvander as his world-famously known, a Guatemalan who fourteen years ago decided to create a website, a resource really, to help others learn about the web and the Internet in general in in Latin America and Spain. MaestrosDelWeb has become a must-see reference in in the Spanish-speaking world.

Today they celebrate their 14th anniversary and I congratulate Christian and his team for helping and sharing everything they know. Believe or not, AntiguaDailyPhoto is what it is today in part to the ton of advice I have receive from MaestrosDelWeb through the many talks I have had with Christian over the years. Today’s picture serves as my public acknowledgment of @cvander supports for AntiguaDailyPhoto. By the way, that’s my iPhone case which was designed by another good friend, Norman Ávila from ClimaYa.

Let’s all thank Christian for his invaluable support and constant advice to always keep improving AntiguaDailyPhoto!

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