It’s Canícula Time

Panoramic Vista from Cerro de la Cruz by Rudy Girón

C’est la canicule !

¡Es la canícula!

It’s the dog days!

Call it what you want, but canícula even though elsewhere it is used for referring to a heatwave or the dog days, in Guatemala, or even in Central America perhaps, it’s used to mean an extended break in rainy season where we have dry days with lots heat, although the heat is not a requirement, but since we are in the Summer season, the heat is expected.

Now, please don’t get me started with Verano and Invierno since in Guatemala people use these terms in the wrong season. For instance, almost everyone in Guatemala will tell you that we’re in Winter (Invierno) right now, even though we are actually in the Summer season since Guatemala happens to be located in the Northern hemisphere. The reason for the confusion is that people equate the rainy season with Winter.

Anyway, since we have been enjoying a few dry dog days, I figure I go up to Cerro de la Cruz (another incorrection) and take a few panoramic shots to share with you.

Tomorrow is the Día de Santiago Apostol (Saint James Apostle Day) which means La Antigua Guatemala will be celebrating its patron saint day.


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