Man-made Tree-looking Structure

Man-made Tree-looking Structure by Rudy Girón

Today’s entry is a follow up to Camouflaging Cellular Towers where I mentioned how fortunate we are in La Antigua Guatemala where efforts are being made to reduce the visual pollution found elsewhere in Guatemala.

Here’s what posted before:

Sometimes we don’t realized how lucky we are for living La Antigua Guatemala until we take a little trip beyond the municipal boundaries and we are assaulted by all kinds of visual pollution. Yes, outside the Antigua Guatemala municipal borders capitalism is violent. Billboards everywhere, ugly banners on doorways and windows, huge advertising painted on walls, cellular towers along the roads, et cetera.

So, as we drive back to La Antigua and we see all the efforts that are made to reduce the visual pollution within the municipal boundaries, we are thankful, or at least we should.

Simple things like painting cellular towers, adding fake branches, disguising them as colonial street lighting poles, et cetera, goes a long way to reducing the visual ugliness inherent in the telecommunication era. We are not completely free of visual noise, but we are getting closer, poco a poco.

What efforts are being made in your municipal district to reduce visual pollution?

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