Political Propaganda Creates Visual Pollution

Political Propaganda in Antigua 1

I can’t wait for September 11 to arrive and not because it’s my birthday, but because that’s when Guatemala will hold general elections for President, Vice President, Congress and Mayors through out all Guatemalan Municipalities. This means that after that we can finally get rid of all the political propaganda causing all kinds of visual pollution and traffic chaos.

Check out Political groups in the streets in GuatemalaDailyPhoto.com to see how political parties rally around Guatemala City causing all kinds pollution (visual, audio and traffic). Also, Quetzaltenango and other cities political parties are using public transit vehicles to spread their political propaganda as shown in Savvy Election Advertising in XelaDailyPhoto.com a few weeks ago.

What are your feeling regarding political propaganda?

Political Propaganda in Antigua 2 Political Propaganda in Antigua 3

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