No Alcoholic Drinks Around Election Time

Ley seca por elecciones en Guatemala

The Political Parties Electoral law in Guatemala forbids the sale of alcoholic drinks the day before and the day after of the general elections, which happens to be tomorrow, September 11. La Bodegona, Antigua Guatemala’s largest supermarket, decided to cover up the entire alcoholic beverages section, including the giant display promotional materials as seen in the picture above and below. To be honest, I don’t know if it really makes a difference.

For these general elections most people, including me, feel very pessimistic about the process. Many people don’t feel represented by any of the candidates. Tomorrow Guatemalans will elect, as always, the least worst of the bunch for the positions of President, Vice President, Congress men and Municipal Mayors.

I will try to bring you fresh images from the voting centers. Stay tune!

Ley seca por elecciones en Guatemala 2 Ley seca por elecciones en Guatemala 3

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