Garden Art: Monkey Sculptures

Garden Art: Monkey Sculptures Do by Rudy A. Girón

Business owners take note, how do you take something as mundane as a parking lot and turn it into a delightful experience? Put art there and everywhere!

This is the last of the mini series about artistic sculptures found in the green areas surrounding the parking lot at Santo Domingo del Cerro.

I hope you have enjoyed some of the art found in Antigua Guatemala. Let me know either way!

By the way, here are two mosaic mural art pieces by Shelley Rozell inspired by a couple of photographs taken by me. What an honor it is to me that Shelley Rozell had chosen two of my photos as the starting point for her gorgeous mosaic mural art. I promise I will take photos of the entire mosaic mural once it’s installed this coming November in La Antigua Guatemala. In the mean time, my best wishes for Shelley and all the other artists participating this mosaic mural.

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