Heading Out To Work

Heading Out To Work by Rudy A. Girón

Living in La Antigua Guatemala is such a trip because you get to see and experience different eras and lifestyles all at once. Take for instance the vista of a campesino (small plot worker) with his horse heading out to work early in the morning to the rolling hills of Volcán de Agua and now imagine that just one hour later you can meet with friends for French crêpes or Bagels for a power breakfast, and meet a client at a sushi bar for lunch and assist to a baroque music recital at night. Of course you keep track of all of this with your iPhone 4S or Galaxy Nexus Android-powered phone while keeping an online photographic dairy in real time. That’s what I mean by the collapsing or co-existing of different eras and lifestyles.

Have you noticed those things in your visits to Antigua Guatemala?

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