Antigua’s Photo Club: Let’s do it!

Reunión de 5 de enero 2012 del Club Fotográfico de Antigua 4

I often report on the Club Fotográfico de Antigua Guatemala because I am of the funding members and because many people visiting Antigua Guatemala have interest in photography and many want to connect with other passionate photographers. Also, I report often because I am still amazed how an idea that formed back in 2009 with my dear friend Nelo and I have become such and impressive and important association. We talked about forming a club of photo enthusiasts here in Antigua Guatemala so we didn’t have to go to Guatemala City to meet with other people interested in photography. We decided that we wanted a club where novice and experienced photographers could share the knowledge, experience, anecdote and passion for this art. We felt the same way and simply declared:

Let’s do it pues!

This year Antigua’s Photo Club begins with so much energy, good vibes and passion at a new meeting location, at one of my favorite buildings in Antigua Guatemala, the former Compañía de Jesús building, where the Cooperación Española has open its door to host our monthly meetings; the first Thursday of the month for those who don’t know. If you’re interested in meeting a bunch of cool people who want to share a good laugh and their knowledge about photography and all things Antigua Guatemala, make sure you pay a visit. Below I share with you a slide show of some of the photos from the most recent meeting on Thursday 5 and if you want to see even more pictures of from this meeting you can visit the album made in Facebook.

Here’s a little background information I posted back in 2009 about the photo club:

Back in June, a few photography enthusiasts from La Antigua Guatemala, myself included, funded the Club Fotográfico de Antigua (Antigua’s Photo Club). With each passing month the Club Fotográfico de Antigua (CFA) receives new members and visitors interested in sharing a good time while admiring the photographs taken by the members, participating in the monthly competition, exchanging photography tips and workshops.

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