The Rainy Season 2012 is Officially Here

The Rainy Season 2012 is Officially Here by Rudy Girón

I am sorry to bring the sad news to you on a “Friday the 13th.” but as we say in Spanish, “Al mal paso darle prisa” (Best to get it over and done with), the dry season is over! Yes, my dear friends, gone are the nice dry days with beautiful photographic light. So if you’re coming to Guatemala sometime within the next 9 months, pack an umbrella and a raincoat; you will need them.

When people have just arrived to Guatemala, one thing catches their attention: how wonderfully green is everything. This country will be perfect playground for the constant garderner because of its fertile volcanic soil, abundance of water and humidity. Of course, there is a price to pay for everything: here you have to live with 37 volcanoes, four of them are active: Pacaya, Santiaguito, Fuego and Tacaná, and a copious rainy season. I believe these are the main ingredients that made Guatemala the land of the eternal spring. Notice the lowercase s in spring. 😉

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