Spring into Primavera or Winter

Spring into Primavera by Rudy Girón

Soon the cloud-free dark blue skies will be nothing but a memory and gray skies and rainy days will be the norm until November. Ni modo, that’s what it is and we better get used to it.

Anyhow, Guatemala is the land of the eternal Spring because everything is so green and flowering year round. Guatemala is also in the northern hemisphere and thus we have the same seasons at the same time as the big countries up north. In other words, Guatemala entered the Spring season about a month ago and Summer will arrive on June 21. However, Guatemala is also located in the tropic region, and the seasons just get fuzzy and blurry. Thus people in Guatemala refer to the rainy season as Invierno (Winter) even though the rainy season falls during Spring, Summer and Autumn. The dry season is known as Verano (Summer) regardless of whether the weather is chilly and sometimes cold because of the winter wings that blow from the north.

So, are you confused yet Invierno and Verano?

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