Typical Vista from Antigua Guatemala

Typical Vista from Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron

My commitment has always been to bring you typical quotidian stamps from Antigua Guatemala. Unfortunately our beautiful enchanting little town also happens to be the tourism capital for Guatemala first and for Central America at large, so it should come as no surprise that some of the typical vistas from Antigua Guatemala are also touristic post cards. Please, be kind with me, I swear I only try to show you how we live and love in Antigua Guatemala.

In this typical vista from the rainy season in Antigua Guatemala we see several bicycles which are among the most popular vehicle in town; we also see people outside a bank, one of them making a phone call since you can not make or receive phone calls inside banks anymore. Last, we see the omnipresent purified water 5-gallon bottles from Salvavidas, garrafones we call 5-gallon jars. Also, they typical gray skies of the rainy season are there as the rich saturated colors of the façades of Antigua Guatemala. Last, electric power lines are there as well, alambres as MO used to call them.

News Aside: A magnitude 5.7 earthquake with an epicenter at the border of Guatemala and El Salvador rocked most of the country 31 minutes after midnight. I was getting ready to go to sleep when the everything began shaking and I felt this was the strongest earthquake I have felt in Guatemala since I came back a decade ago. This earthquake was felt as far away as the south east of Mexico and in Guatemala it woke up most people which turn a lazy timeline on fire on Twitter with reports and humor about the earthquake coming from all the corners of Guatemala. Here’s the official report sheet about this 5.7 magnitude earthquake according to USGS. And if you feel like laughing for a while, read the humorous tweets reporting this earthquake by following the hash tag TemblorGT on Twitter. Enjoy!

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