Welfare of working equines in Guatemala

Welfare of working equines in Guatemala by Rudy Giron

Wondering who’s looking up for the welfare of working equines in Guatemala? I know of at least one organization, ESAP, or Equinos Sanos para el Pueblo (Healthy Equines for the People) since I am a regular supporter of their work.

Here’s what they say about themselves on their website:

Equinos Sanos para el Pueblo, ESAP, is a Guatemalan foundation that promotes the welfare of working equines, recognizing their importance in the economic and emotional stability of families and communities.

Develops, promotes and strengthens sustainable practices of care and handling of working equines through educational programs with community participation and strategic alliances.

Do you know of any other organization, non-profit group and or NGO who is working for the welfare of equines in Guatemala? Please, do share about them here. Thanks!

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