Have A Peek at Antigua Guatemala’s Security Camera Surveillance System

Security Cameras of Antigua's  Surveillance System by Rudy Giron

The first phase of the Antigua Guatemala security camera surveillance system, sort of the chapín Skynet, came online on February 2012 with 60 high-definition cameras connected via a fiber optic network. Most of the cameras have a 36x zoom capability and are installed at fixed key intersection through out Antigua Guatemala. There are four dome cameras which can rotate installed at complicated intersections and around the Parque Central, the main plaza. There is a crew of 13 people who oversee the cameras live footage every hour of every day from the especially designed monitoring centre with the capacity to store video for up to 30 days. The cameras were procured through a 2-million Quetzals loan which has been already paid in full. The working plan now is to install an additional 120 cameras to reach more barrios, neighbourhoods and aldeas, villages within the Antigua Guatemala Municipality. Guatemala’s Policía Nacional Civil, PNC short for National Civil Police (the Guatemalan FBI equivalent), is alerted instantly the moment a crime is caught on the video feed of the surveillance system.

This information came directly from my contact inside the City Hall government or Muni as we simply call it. If everything goes as planned, tomorrow I will share with you a peek from the inside of the monitoring center. Perhaps I will also get a chance to find out where the off switch is in case our Skynet becomes self-aware and decides to forgo the human element and turn against us on August 29. 😉

Stay tuned, I’ll be back!

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