“Victims and Victimisers” Photo Exhibition at the FOTO 30 Photo Festival

El poder del fotógrafo sobre el indígena by Rudy Girón

This is one of the images with which I am participating this year in Guatemala’s largest photo festival, FOTO30, which spans the 30 days of September; thus the name. “Víctimas y victimarios” or “Victims and Victimizers” photo exhibition was organized by the Club Fotográfico de Antigua, CFA for short, of which I am a co-founder. The main theme for FOTO30 this year is Poder, power and the CFA members decided to bring awareness to all kinds of victims and victimisers. In my particular case, I decided to take a critical view at what we do as photographers when we go out to the streets to take photos. Why do we photograph the poor, the indigenous Maya people, the homeless, the women, etc. Seldom we aim our cameras at wealthy people nor even people similar to us in terms of social status, education, and cultural values.

Why? What kind of power do we acquire behind the viewfinder? These and other things I felt that need to be put under the spotlight. What are your own personal feelings and thoughts regarding the role of the photographer when it comes to taking photos of Guatemalans?

I am participating with a second photograph which you can view at Tough future! entry.

Here’s the FOTO 30 activity and event calendar in case you want to take a look at all the different exhibitions in the photo festival:
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