Ubi’s Asian Mixed Ceviche

Ubi's Asian Mixed Ceviche by Rudy Giron

Certainly the only dishes that you can find everywhere you go in Guatemala are Ceviche and Chow Mein. That, in my humble opinion, this should be enough to declare them Authentic National dishes, don’t you think so?

Guatemala does indeed have a strong ceviche tradition and that’s why ceviche stands, trucks and restaurants are one of the most often food offerings.

Guatemalans love ceviche so much that now one is begining to find Asian, Mexican and Peruvian ceviche trucks and restaurants as part of the ceviche options. There are at least three places, that I know of, where one can find Peruvian style ceviche in La Antigua Guatemala and Ubi’s Sushi version of ceviche is pretty darn good. Ubi’s ceviche is very Peruvian although the presentation looks more like a Thai seafood salad (another of my favorites). Bon appetite!

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