Gallo Lager Bier Famous Since 1896

Gallo Lager Bier Famous Since 1896 by Rudy Giron

Mexican Gallo Beer CanAmong other news this week was the controversy and rage about Guatemala’s Gallo beer on the social media networks, especially on Facebook. Well, it looks like someone discovered that the Gallo beer was being sold in Mexico as a Mexican beer with Mexican motifs and a great price, so much more economically than in Guatemala. I am not sure what hurt Guatemalans the most, to see their national beer with a Mexican costume and dress or that it was so much cheaper in Mexico than in Guatemala. Needless to say, Guatemalans became enraged and there were chain letters and campaigns to let others know of the betrayal of Cerveceria Centroamericana, the brewery that produces the Guatemalan beers. In other words much to do about nothing.

As always, Guy Howard goes the extra mile to explain most things Guatemalan as shown below:

It probably won’t assuage indignant Chapines to know that the Castillo family, makers of the ‘national’ heirloom brew are descended from Bernal Díaz de Castillo, who had an important chunk of Mexican history behind him before ending up as Antigua’s alcalde…

… Of course this is the time of year in which the nationalistic sentiments of many Chapines are naturally emboldened. It’s just that an unfortunate historical coincidence means that there is a similar opportunity to target lager-swilling patriots across the northern border, which the makers of ‘nuestra cerveza’ clearly fancied a tilt at.

And perhaps the real problem here is that the Castillo company has decided to sell their six twelve packs for less than they can typically be purchased for down here… 69 pinche pesos!

… continue reading the complete hilarious entry at Innerdiablog.

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