Yet Another Gated Community Entrance

Yet Another Gated Community Entrance by Rudy Giron

Here are some of the answers to the questions asked on the previous posts regarding gated communities.

Occupy Antigua Guatemala? Definitely not since most land around Antigua Guatemala is among the most expensive land in Guatemala. Any occupy movement would get kicked out right away by owners, private guards and police to say the least.

How is the land secured for these developments in La Antigua? Most real estate developments take chunks away from land from fincas (coffee plantations) and in same cases large land lots within urban areas that were inherited.

Does the gate help, or hurt, the security of the residents? I believe both. The houses when vacant can become easy targets by acquaintances of the guards; well is not unheard of. On the other hand, it is so much quieter and cleaner to live inside gated communities especially if rules of cleanliness are enforced or your lucky to have decent neighbors. But, life inside a gated community is missing a big part of living in Guatemala; somehow with noise, the parties, the tiendas, the parks, et cetera, the amicable unrequested smile and the spark for lack of a better term also goes away.

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