Inside View of the Escuela De Cristo Church

Inside View of the Escuela De Cristo Churchby Rudy Giron - <a href="" ></a>

I don’t think I have share many photos from inside the churches and the reason is that photography is prohibited inside many temples. Honestly, I still can not believe I was able to take these photos from the inside of the Parroquia Nuestra Señora de los Remedios also known as Iglesia Escuela de Cristo, which is so important in Antigua Guatemala because one of two largest processions from Antigua Guatemala actually is from the parish; the other is from Iglesia de La Merced. Furthermore, the Iglesia Escuela de Cristo is among the masterpieces of the colonial architect Diego de Porres. There is a cozy little plaza right across the street from this church, the second best place to enjoy the sunset in Antigua Guatemala after the main plaza or Parque Central as we call it here.

Have you ever been inside Iglesia Escuela de Cristo, or is it Parroquia? What’s the difference?

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