Aerial View of Iglesia de la Merced

Aerial View of Iglesia de la Merced by Nelo Mijangos

Just last week I was talking about bringing you new perspectives and freshness to the excessively photographed Antigua Guatemala and to the end I began a series of black and white photographs of the most emblematic churches in and around Antigua Guatemala taken at night. Yesterday, we began a new trip with aerial views of La Antigua Guatemala thanks to the kindness of Nelo Mijangos who is sharing his unique perspective from the air.

Last week was an example of a new flavour for the overly-exposed Iglesia de La Merced, quite possibly Antigua Guatemala’s most photographed church. Here are other angles of La Merced church: the façade, the dome, the atrium, the main doorway, the baroque details of Iglesia de La Merced. I have tried not to show you the most obvious places and the most often photographed sites unless I can bring a new fresh vista or a different angle.

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