North by Northwest

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Is that Pacaya volcano fuming over there?

Often I see visitors to Antigua Guatemala getting lost or asking for directions. It’s kind of interesting since La Antigua Guatemala is such small town, smaller than many neighbourhoods in the large metropolis, less than a 10-block grid. I imagine that if one was using Google Maps or Apple Maps on a smartphone it would be very easy to see exactly where one is standing at any given moment and see the landmarks and highlight of Antigua Guatemala.

So, next time you visit Antigua Guatemala, bring your unlocked smartphone and buy an inexpensive SIM card from Telefónica, Claro or Tigo, US$2(Movistar) to US$5.25 (Tigo) and add pre-paid internet connectivity to you phone so you can make phone calls, check your email and know where you’re standing.

Of course, you are still welcome to ask for directions and chit chat with the locals just the same.

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