It’s Mango and Jocote de Marañón Season in Guatemala

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Mangos and Jocotes de Marañón

At this fruit stand you can get three kinds of mangos: Tommy, Leche (milk mango) and Pashte (loofah mango). I am sure most people have had the Tommy mango, but not sure about the other two mango types. The mango de pashte takes its name because of the large amount of fibers which resemble a loofah. The mango de leche is very juicy; some people take a bite on the skin and then push all the juices through the whole. Both of these mangos are very good, but my absolute favorite is mango de pashte.

The jocote de marañón or cashew mombin or cashew apple, although apple is not a good term for the cashew fruit. I think the English language needs more fruity words.

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