Guatemala Is THE Orchid Country

Rudy Giron: Flowers of Guatemala &emdash; Guatemala Is The Orchid Country

Today, I did some photos of orchids as part the coverage of the 1st National Orchid Exhibition in Antigua Guatemala where over 500 orchids are on displays for the next five days at the Museo de Arte Colonial, formerly the building of the Universidad de San Carlos de Borromeo. As part of the photo taking process I learned that Guatemala has over 700 native species of orchids. That number makes Guatemala THE orchid country as no other country comes even close.

Recently I published on my personal blog that one the aspects I really enjoy about photography is the often I get a chance to learn new things, such as how are roses produced. If you know Spanish, I share a fragment below, but perhaps I should publish this information in AntiguaDailyPhoto as well, don’t you think?

Uno de los aspectos que más me gusta de hacer fotografía es que muchas veces uno aprende cosas nuevas. Por ejemplo, hoy me toco hacer fotografías del cultivo de rosas y otras flores y aprendí cómo se producen las rosas. Se empieza con un rosal macho, es un rosal silvestre que no da flor, que provee al rosal de su fuerza y raíz. Se añade un injerto de rosal madre o hembra al rosal macho y después de unas semanas… continue reading

Rudy Giron: Flowers of Guatemala &emdash; Guatemala Is The Orchid Country

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