Café Barista Recycles Used Coffee Grounds

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Café Barista Recycles Used Coffee Grounds

Café Barista is the Guatemalan coffee house chain equivalent to what Starbucks is in the U.S. more or less. I don’t visit often because I prefer the local coffee houses run by locals in Antigua Guatemala, but in this occasion I stopped to get a piece of chocolate cake for the better half. I was happily surprised to see Café Barista giving aways their used coffee grounds as recycle fertilizing material for plants.

In case you didn’t know, used coffee grounds are excellent for composting and fertilizing plants in your garden. You can also use them to feed the worms which help with your garden. However, these are not only way to use old coffee grounds. How about an exfoliating skin mask, or a closet deodorizer?

Here are 12 Ways to Recycle Used Coffee Grounds courtesy of The Daily Green:

  1. Touch up furniture and other wood scratches with grounds and a Q-tip
  2. Sprinkle around areas where pesky insects, slugs and snails dwell to drive them away
  3. Mix with soil as a natural fertilizer for plants
  4. Dye clothing or paper
  5. Rub into your dog as an organic flea dip
  6. Fill old nylons and hang in your closet or fridge to repel odors
  7. Use to fill old pin cushions
  8. Scrub away grease and grime from pots and pans
  9. Throw on ashes before cleaning out the fireplace to reduce dust from spreading
  10. Feed to worms to help with your garden
  11. Rub on your hands to eliminate odors
  12. Mix 1/4-cup grounds with one egg white and massage onto face like a mud pack

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