Foto por Vida Benefits Tonajuyú Buenos Aires

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Foto x Vida

Photo for Life is how I translate this title. Foto x vida was a photo exhibition I attended last weekend. What I like about this photo exhibition were that photo displays and that the funds of the sale of the photos will benefit the village of Tonajuyú Buenos Aires, Chimaltenango.

What surprised me was the fact that this photo and furniture expo-sale was organized by an evangelical church in Guatemala City who took the commitment for two years to help the villagers of Tonajuyú Buenos Aires achieve self-reliance. Imagine if every church in Guatemala would take the commitment for two years to help a village achieve self-reliance. What a country we would have if you consider that just in the municipality of Villa Nueva, south of Guatemala City, there were over 7,000 churches as I reported in 2003. When there’s a will, there’s a way the adagio says. One church found the will and now are working on the ways.

The photo and recycled furniture expo-sale finished last week in Antigua Guatemala, but it moved to Casa Cervantes on zone 1 in Guatemala City. If you’re interested, I can share more information about the Tonajuyú project. Let me know.

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Fotos x Vida

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