This is Cerro de La Candelaria

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Cerro de La Candelaria

Most people refer to this hill as Cerro de La Cruz, Hill of the Cross, because there is a huge cross on it. In fact, the cross can be seen with naked eye from Antigua Guatemala, right? However, this is incorrect because this is actually Cerro de La Candelaria. There is also a monument to Santiago, Saint James, a few hundred yards above the cross, so some people might think of as Cerro de Santiago. Now, based on this knowledge, I have the following question.

If this is Cerro de La Candelaria, Hill of La Candelaria, then where is Cerro de La Cruz?

When was the cross place on Cerro de La Candelaria?

When was the monument to Santiago installed on Cerro de La Candelaria?

Who can help me with the answers to these questions?

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