Guatemala’s Independence Torch Marathons

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Guatemala's Independence Torch Marathons

Guatemala’s Independence Torch Marathons is another manifestation of the celebration of the independence of Central America from Spain. This noise and peculiar marathons normally begin on the 13 of September, but the official day is the 14 since Guatemala’s Independence is celebrated on September 15. Through these marathons, the flame of independence is taking via the torches from one point to another of the country creating a massive zigzag web of people running. Of course, Antigua Guatemala is among the most popular destinations to light up the torches. As you can see in the video clip below, groups of people light their torches at the Antigua Guatemala municipal building to take back to their home communities.

Las Antorchas de Libertad es una celebración con motivo de la Independencia de Guatemala sucede todos los años el 14 de septiembre. A través de maratones se lleva la llama de la Independencia de un punto del país a otro lo que crea una telaraña de gente corriendo con antorchas por toda Guatemala. En el video pueden ver el inicio de dichos maratones en La Antigua Guatemala.

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