Sheltering from the Rain at the Muni

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Sheltering from the Rain at the Muni

What to do while it rains? Here are some of the suggestions by our loyal readers.

NYChapin: I don’t do much when it rains, but I am often overwhelmed by a sensation that all things dear to my heart, from which I have been separated either by time or distance, are as close to me as getting up and walking in the rain.There is a reassuring feeling that I will meet them on the other side, bathed in sunlight, the sounds of a few lazy last drops on a rooftop and the aroma of the earth.

Eric: 1) Find a good coffee house (muy facil, en La Antigua), and 2) Talk with the lovely indigenas.

El Canche: To reflect on the benefit of making life worthwhile through the simple pleasures and ordinary activities… to chat to someone.

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