Solar Panels in Colonial Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Solar Panels in Colonial Antigua Guatemala

It was only a matter of time before solar panels would become part of the landscape of colonial Antigua Guatemala. What things do you see in this picture that makes it so Antigua Guatemala? By the way, can one guess where was this picture taken?

Cristo Negro de Esquipulas Aside: As I have mentioned before, every year, on 15th of January, thousands of pilgrims from Guatemala, the United States, Europe, Mexico and other Central American countries flock to pay homage to the dark wooden image of the crucified Christ, the most revered Catholic shrine in Esquipulas, the spiritual center of Central America. The image of the Black Christ dates back to March 9, 1595, when the Portuguese sculptor Quirio Cataño presented it to the mayor of the city.

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