I am the milkman

Rudy Giron: AntiguaDailyPhoto.com &emdash; I am the milkman

I am The Milk Man, my milk is delicious, SPECIAL DELIVERY TODAY!

Finca La Carmona is renowned for having fresh milk delivery every day. The milk man above carries 15 bottles of milk in his walking route. My friend and Antigua Daily Photo collaborator, Guy Howard, pointed in the direction of this caption for a photo a the actual cows. As always, follow the white rabbit to look a the cows in their milking spots.

When you ask the owner, Maria Zelaya, [of Finca La Carmona] about her dairy cows she becomes very animated. Each is milked by hand, each has its own feeding/milking spot with a name placard above. And they are named for her friends, her siblings and grandchildren! Carmona Estate and Pulcal Beneficio, Antigua Guatemala

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