Antigua Guatemala Celebrates its 471st Anniversary

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Municipal Session for the 471st Anniversary of Antigua Guatemala

La Antigua Guatemala celebrated its anniversary 471 yesterday with all sorts of activities from guided walks around town, live marimba music recitals, adorning the fountains around town with flowers, and a special edition municipal council meeting. The group of pregoneros [criers] of Antigua Guatemala were seen through out dressed as in colonial times as monks and Spaniards. By the way, the real Spaniards were also present because the Order Rafael Landívar was given to the Cooperación Española, so the Spanish ambassador and board of the Centro de Formación y Cooperación Española were present.

Food aside: Yesterday I learned that if you call guacamol [avocado sauce] Mousse de avocat you are surrounding yourself with haute culture. Having said that, I did enjoy the crab salad with guacamol and the fig filled with cream cheese even if I can not pronounce its French names. 😉

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