Holy Week Elements: The Roman Soldiers

Rudy Giron: AntiguaDailyPhoto.com &emdash; Holy Week Elements: The Romans

Since everyone is taking colour photographs of the Semana Santa in Antigua Guatemala, I decided to do a black and white coverage of the Holy Week to give you a different and creative take on the most popular event in Antigua Guatemala. Besides, I have tons of Cuaresma and Semana Santa photos in colour in the Lent and Holy Week archives.

I really consider delightful the excessive garishness of the costumes of Guatemalan Roman soldiers, the clothes of the Holy Week figures, the golden-painted floats, in short, everything about the Holy Week celebrations in Antigua Guatemala, its villages and surrounding municipalities.

Now guys, if given the opportunity, would you find an exhilarating experience to go out in public wearing a broom-head helmet, a bright-red cloak and a kitschy-looking Roman costume, wouldn’t you? Come on, live a little!

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