Who Are Your True Friends?

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At present, I believe, in the English language we throw around certain words so much that often we are diminishing their true meaning. Some of the words that come to mind at this very moment are love, sorry, and friend. I mean, I “love” your sweater; I am sorry for telling you that my friend.

According to Facebook, a human can only have 5,000 “friends” so their human profiles only allow 5,000 connections with other humans. Honestly, who can possibly have 5,000 friends, let it be known we are not even talking about “true friends” which, I am sure, most people in the world can count with the fingers of one hand; rarely the fingers of two hands are needed. That’s what I mean, by using the term “friend” so superficially when we mean to say acquaintance or simply a follower we devalue the true meaning of the word for the 5 or 10 people who we can truly count on and vice versa.

The same for love, I mean, people don’t fancy things or even like things anymore, they simply LOVE anything and everything. In Spanish we have several degrees from “me gustas,” “te quiero” and lastly “te amo” which helps, but often amor is also being used without care for its true meaning.

I am sorry for being this honest with you today, but is there a true sorrow really afflicting my heart. I hear people use the term I am sorry for just about anything when they are truly not sorry. Fíjese comes to mind as a Guatemalan word the preludes a “lo siento” or “I am sorry.” Fíjese, of course, gives it away, that you are not sorry at all.

Oh don’t you love the nuances of language. I have said enough for now my friends, sorry for taken 2 minutes of your life, but it was for the love of words, you know. However, if I did it correctly, I do hope to have taken more than two minutes of your thoughts.

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